My best friend from college and fellow photographer, Roxie

Roxie and I have been besties since our first 3D drawing class at WSU back in 2007. Roxie helps out whenever I need a second shooter, an opinion, feel like doing a crazy silly creative shoot or pretty much anything else related to my business.

Roxie owns and operates her own photography business out of Fon Du Lac, WI.

My amazing friend from college and fellow photographer,  Katie

Katie and I met back in 2006 as fresheman in our first color theory class back at UWP before I transferred to WSU. She's an amazing back up and helper for all thing business and life related and helps keeps me grounded. You'll see Katie and I tag-teaming at weddings for both  our businesses and together for Parallax.

Katie owns and operates her own photography business in Lake Mills, WI.

My husband Kyle

You probably won't see him at any of our sessions but Kyle is my behind the scenes tech support (it pays to be a photog and marry a programmer!) and all-around rock for my business. 

Thanks to Kyle, I get free tech support that runs and fixes everything in the background so I'm up-to-date on the latest technology and security.

Your personal and contact information are kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties.


We’ve got the most secure cloud storage out there with Smugmug. All your precious photos and  personal information are protected securely and privately. View and download your photos at full resolution wherever.


Triple back-ups of your precious photos while we're editing. Double back ups locally and on cloud services after your photos are complete.


Your photos and information, protected

2011-  Began as photographer at Martinus Photography in La Crosse, WI
2012- Graduated from Winona State University, WInona, MN with BA in Mass Communication 
2012- Became head photographer and studio manager at Martinus Photography
2013- Started working independently as a photographer under Jenna Walker Photography

Photographer. LOVER OF JESUS. WIFE. Dog and Cat Mom. Norwegian.
Coffee, flannel, and  Nature lover.



Beautiful photos deserve to be artfully displayed. I offer a variety of mediums for your finished photos- all produced at professional-only print labs. Traditional prints, standout prints, canvas wraps, metal prints, and other products are available. Photos will be packaged with a personal touch. 

For those who wish to take printing into their own hands, I also offer digital copies of your final photos with each session. At your consultation, we’ll discuss a little about your wishes for your finished products.

Photo Finishing

This means I specialize in shooting portraits using ambient light from the sun, manipulating the light in the way I compose a shot and pose my subject. I prefer the way portraits look without the use of artificial lighting sources. Most sessions will be performed outdoors but can usually be performed indoors still with the use of natural light. 

With most locations I use, I can predict how the sun will affect the area and my subject during different times, weather, and seasons. I pay close attention to how light falls on my subjects. Portraits can be shot using natural light on a sunny day, on an overcast day, in any season, and even with a little rain! (When need be of course, I do use some lighting assistance.)

Ambient Light Photography

My style is what is known as photojournalistic photography or “candid” as many people call it. This means, I shoot moments as they happen. When I see you talking, walking, laughing, or just gazing off, that is when I shoot my photos. 

I do not pose my clients, but simply guide them to different positions that are the most flattering and looking the most natural for each person. The last thing I want is for you to get your photos back and have your family member or friend tell you that you do not look like yourself or that you look uncomfortable in your photos. At the end of the day, they’re ‘your’ photos and they simply need to express YOU.

Photojournalistic Photography

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