Boudoir that isn't awkward.

Boudoir doesn't have to weird. The word boudoir simply means a woman's private bedroom for sleeping and dressing, meaning, we will take photos in a bedroom. These photos can be sexy, tantalizing, and hot. Boudoir can also be comfy, romantic, and soft and pretty. 

If lingerie is your thing, bring your best to your session and we will make some magic hot photos. If not, that's awesome too! Bring your favorite sweater, oversized shirt (or your significant other's shirt), a bralette or tank and some panties or shorts and we will make soft pretty alluring photos.

We have so many options for your session!

We won't put you in stiff poses, or uncomfortable positions. Just simply you, what makes you feel your best, and my camera. The magic will flow from there.

Boudoir sessions include a luxurious room at La Crosse's Charmont Hotel. Because of the great lighting, vintage touches and uniqueness that each room has, we feel this is one of the most perfect places to hold our sessions.

So bring your cutest lounge clothes and meet us there for some awesome boudoir for significant other or just yourself!

"She made me look sultry, a feat amongst mankind because of how awkward I am. And I’m seriously so self conscious about my laughing smile but she even made THAT look good. It warms my heart that when I made myself a little vulnerable that I had some of the most badass people I know help ease my insecurities."

When Boudoir meets Casual- "When this photo was being taken we were discussing what kinds of donuts we were going to go buy right after the shoot. Answer: honeymooner, sugar raspberry filled, custard bismark, chocolate long john."

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