I have a confession to make, I don't like having my photo taken. All eyes are on you, the camera is getting ready to memorize every single detail about your physical appearance (scary!) and to be honest, having your photo taken is pretty invasive. And knowing someone will be staring at your face for Lord knows how many hours after your session editing your images to perfection is intimidating.

But here's the thing, let's establish that walking in. Together at your session, we will openly talk about the process of how things will go during the entire session and all of the awkward glory that having your photos taken brings on. I won't judge you, your boyfriend, fiance or husband who may hate having his photos taken more than anything, or your kids who just want to play, and I won't let your session be scary. I've been there, I get it, and I promise to make your shoot fun and easy!


Part of creating an enjoyable and professional experience for you is providing a complete and personalized experience. I don’t treat my clients as just customers, and instead I work to develop a relationship with you.

In order to provide the best experience to my clients, I only accept a limited number of sessions, and will not schedule sessions back-to-back or make you feel rushed. Individualized attention will allow me to provide you with quality photographs meant to be enjoyed for years.


Some of my “trade secrets” are my locations. I pride myself in using different locations for almost every single shoot. If I do end up using a location more than once, I do my best to make the location look unique and different from other shoots that have taken place there. Or if need be, I often ‘abandon’ locations for a year or more. I also typically avoid locations that other photographers might use in the area in order to help provide each of my clients with their own personalized photos. Using new and unique locations not only helps create unique photos, it also keeps me on my toes as a photographer to constantly challenge myself out in the field (pun intended!).

I use a variety of aesthetically appealing outdoor locations- from fields of flowers, to alley ways, to old weathered buildings, to tree-lined trails, many places can provide excellent backdrops. Rustic, urban, or contemporary – you choose the style and mood you want to convey for your session. I also take client safety seriously and will not photograph anyone in a dangerous location or on private property without prior permission.

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Professional camera equipment that assists in producing clean, clear, and sharp images.

Professional back up systems of your precious photos. Local onsite and cloud back ups of your photos because losing photos, is not something you should risk.

We shoot your photos only in the largest file format available, RAW. By doing this, we have the largest image file possible with the most data so in the end, your photos have true colors and crisp edges.

Top of the line Adobe creative software to cleanly and clearly edit your photos.

Professionally color calibrated monitors so your photos have the truest and best colors possible.

Thank You!

*Due to the great response to our brand and the individualized attention we provide to each client during the busy photography season, please expect a reply in 1-2 business days.

If you do not notice a reply, please search your spam/promotions folders for our email.*

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