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I am a directed documentary wedding photographer based in Holmen, Wisconsin, just 20 minutes outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin, serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois and Iowa plus travel since 2011.

This is a safe space, an inspiring space, where we can explore your thoughts, style and goals to thoughtfully narrate your story into images that last a lifetime. What legacy do you want your wedding to leave behind? What do you want to remember about your experience? What feelings do you want evoked when you and future generations retell your story through your photos? Let's find out. 

Come, let's explore.

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I'm thrilled you’re considering me for such an incredible day! The truth is, your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. The two of you are about to start the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, life-changing experience of your lives together so far, and choosing someone to capture that day through photography is a big decision.

Its important you find someone whose work you LOVE - But we believe its just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your photos!

I'm so excited you're here


I will-

Help bodyguard you on your wedding day from Aunt Susan who doesn’t understand what healthy boundaries are.

Hold Space

Be your Bodyguard 

Listen to you, hold space for you, and stick up for you and your wants and needs during your entire planning process and on your wedding day.

Empower You 

Bring Good Vibes

Be your new Bestie 

Be Your Stage Manager 

Wardrobe Manger

Be your Snack Queen

Help you feel empowered in the choices you’ve made.

Bring good vibes on your wedding day to amp you up when you need it and help you feel zen when it rains the morning of your wedding and plans may need to change.

Take your photos all day and do my best so you don’t notice I’m working and it feels more like you have an extra friend hanging out with you that day.

Be there with my sewing kit to fix the busted hook and eye on your dress, pin on your vail and those boutonnieres, and bustle that dress if needed.

Feed you snacks and water all day so when 4PM rolls around and you're tired af, you still feel like a snack instead of dehydrated and hangry thinking only about snacks.

Be your stage manager and help coordinate the time and activities so you’re not watching the clock.

Never Make your Decsions for you

I will inform you of the best photo spots for lighting, what our options our for improvising on our schedule the day of your wedding when things change, and of the different ways to do a first look, but I will never pressure you into what decision to make, take the choice away from you or pressure you into choosing one option over the other. At the end of the day it's YOUR wedding and my job to advise, you hold the power to do what's best for you two.


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the expierence

My name is Jenna and I've been shooting weddings throughout the Midwest since 2011. A creative soul with a love for romance. I have always been creatively minded and had a deep love for true connection between humans, the unabashed real type of connection. I believe, at the end of the day, these true moments, even the smallest ones, are what mean the most. Weddings are filled with these tiny moments and the fact that I get to capture them, stop time and hand them onto you to be remembered forever means more than you may ever know.

Chat soon, I can’t wait to hear all about your ideas and plans for the day.

I'm so glad you're here!



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- Jenna



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