Photographer. WIFE. pittie and Cat Mom. Norwegian. avid YOGI. COFFEE, FLANNEL, and NATURE LOVER.


I love people, and I love energy. I thrive a weddings and feed off that love and energy. You might even notice, I usually have the biggest cheesy smile during the first look, during the first dance, when your friends and family are jamming out on the dance floor, I'll be tempted to join in (I usually don't). I feel that energy, I embrace it, I love it, and I follow it. 

When weddings get stressful, I'm the first one usually to stop, breathe, take a step back, assess and help you move on with a tactful, timely, solution that you feel is best suits you for you in that moment. I'm the last one to become stressed, and one of the first ones to work on paving the smoothest path through any situation and control the chaos. (Just ask any of my past brides.) 

Do things go wrong on wedding days? Yes. Always. No wedding is perfect, but we'll make it feel perfect that day. Are you over Uncle Bob taking too many photos? I got you. Are you over Grandma Mary asking for extra photos, I got you. Are you done with intimate photos together and just want to take a break or move onto the next event? 100% fine, it's your wedding. Do you need help bustling your dress in less than five minutes because no one has done it before and we're on a time table? I got you there too. Do you want help wrangling crazy groomsmen, I got you. Questions about wedding etiquette, arrangements, traffic flow or what comes next? I'm here for it. You're feeling overstimulated and done talking or being touched for a while? That's cool too (it happens the best of couples).

You're investing a lot of time, trust, and funds in me. My job not only as your photographer is to invest my heart and time into you and your wedding and give you the smoothest, most professional, best day you can have.

My best friend from college and fellow photographer, Roxie

Roxie and I have been besties since our first 3D drawing class at WSU back in 2007. Roxie helps out whenever I need a second shooter, an opinion, feel like doing a crazy silly creative shoot or pretty much anything else related to my business.

Roxie owns and operates a successful portrait photography studio out of Fon Du Lac, WI.

My amazing friend from college and fellow photographer,  Katie

Katie and I met back in 2006 as freshman in our first color theory class back at UWP before I transferred to WSU. She's an amazing back up and help for all thing business and life related and  keeps me grounded. You'll see Katie and I tag-teaming at weddings for both  our businesses.

Katie owns and operates her own wedding photography business in Lake Mills, WI.

My husband, Kyle

You probably won't see him at any of our sessions but Kyle is my behind the scenes tech support (thankful he's a software engineer!) and all-around rock for my business. 

Thanks to Kyle, I get free tech support that maintains and fixes everything in the background so I'm up-to-date on the latest technology and security.

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