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What if you have not shot a wedding at our venue before, do you check the venue out in advance?

For new wedding ceremony, reception, and photo locations I do check out the locations in advance. Sometimes I will physically go to the location before the day of your wedding, otherwise my research involves looking online at professional and non-professional photos. By looking at others' photos, I can get an idea of what lighting is like in-person and also get an idea of where lighting may be difficult that day/night, the best lighting in the locations, where I may need to bring in additional lighting or avoid a specific spot at your location altogether. From these photos I can also brainstorm about how to utilize different areas at your location best for photos.

I also look for nearest available parking and loading/unloading, restroom and water facilities, access to stairs/elevators, and what traffic flow might look like that day and for you and your guests. My goal in this is to do research ahead of time so when we make our wedding day schedule together, we can be prepared and make sure we're giving ourselves ample amount to time given your venue constraints. (I.E. some locations have no elevators and parking is located further away, so I'll make sure to get there early enough to get my equipment upstairs without an elevator and that we have enough time to go take photos off site if we need to factor in time walking to our cars which may not be parked nearby.)

Do you edit, retouch, or make color adjustments? Are those included or an additional charge?

Every photo you will receive has been fully edited, meaning it's been straightened, color corrected, and lighting corrected. On most close ups I do basic skin editing which involves light skin smoothing and removing of anything non-permanent (I.E. acne or temporary cuts or scrapes). Larger edits to remove objects or people in photos are not standard edits. If you desire something to be removed from your photo completely, we can discuss if this is included in my standard edits or if there is an extra fee. 

Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

Travel fees apply for weddings outside of 60 miles of Holmen, WI. Hotel stays are often required if the distance to your wedding is more than 90 minutes one way and are paid for by the couple. 

Can we order prints or albums directly from you?

Yes! Prints can be ordered through the gallery you  will receive after your engagement/wedding and albums can be ordered directly through me.

What type of albumS do you offer? Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album?

Albums are all professionally printed and produced hardcover albums from my photo print lab vendor. Albums can be ordered by sending me an email to start the process. We'll discuss size, what photos you want included, and cover options. I will make a draft layout of your album and once approved it can be ordered.

Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, will you have any assistants/second-shooters with you on that day?

Unless, knock on wood because it hasn't happened yet, some sort of emergency occurs, I will be the photographer shooting your wedding. Usually unless your package includes a second photographer or it's a destination wedding I typically do not bring a second shooter or an assistant with.

What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

I have several professional photographer friends in the area and across the state who would be willing and able to come if an emergency were to arise and I needed someone to step in for me. We're part of a tight knit friend group where if one of us needs a second shooter or someone to fill in as a first photographer that day, we show up, no questions asked. You would be notified as soon as possible if this were to happen and can rest assured, a competent wedding professional would be shooting and navigating your wedding day with you.

If your style is mostly candid, will I still get formal, posed portraits?

Yes! Most photos of your wedding day will be candids because most of your day you are spending DOING-- getting ready, walking down the aisle, eating, listening to speeches, dancing; however, formal posed photos are also a MUST for your wedding day. You can expect posed, looking at the camera smiling photos of you with your wedding party, the two of you alone, with your family members, and any other smiling, looking at the camera photos you want to spontaneously sneak in throughout the day or added to our must-have list when we make our photo list together.

What time will you arrive at the site?

It varies depending on the location. Generally I will arrive early enough to have enough time to park, walk to your location, set up my equipment, and check in with you prior to our agreed upon shooting start time.

If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

Typically when this happens, its at the end of the day during the dance and your package hours have ended prior to us being able to shoot special dances. The answer varies. If you did everything you could to keep everything on time and it was just out of your control, generally yes, I will stay late at no charge.  However if no one communicated with the DJ that you you wanted bouquet toss at 8pm before I leave and bouquet toss is at 9pm, I may not stay or there may be a fee for staying late. We would discuss this before any decisions are made.

Do you have liability insurance?


Do you offer payment plans?

After the retainer is paid, payment is not due  in full or billed until a month prior to your wedding, so typically a payment plan is not needed.


It varies depending on the two of you. Most importantly, I read the room in each situation and determine based on your mood, the vibe the rest of the people are giving off and how things are going so far to determine my interactions with you and others that morning. My goal is to get a feel for how you are feeling and your day has been going so far and to get to know your wedding party while you get ready that day. Ideally, I want to come in with my guard down and be approachable so everyone can feel as comfortable as possible throughout the day.

What does that mean for shooting? I generally ask before we start shooting anything new if you're ready to do so, and for photos like sunset photos at the end of the day if you still want to do so. I check in while we're marathon shooting your wedding party photos to see you you are feeling and if you want to keep shooting or if you're over it. I'll give you gentle time reminders throughout the day so you know how much time we have until the next event and make sure your fed, hydrated, and ready to rock and roll all day and into the night.

Can we share the images with our friends and family?

Yes! The online gallery your receive after your photos are complete can be shared with your friends and family.

Yes, so long as they are not prohibiting the myself or a second shooter from doing our job as your photographers.

Can guests take photos at our wedding?

Choosing your wedding photographer is a big choice, one you will live with on the day of your wedding and for a long time after whenever you look at your photos.  So it makes sense that you should be informed on who you are working with and what that looks like before you make any decisions. Below are some frequently asked questions meant to inform you on what we do, how we do it and what you can expect working with us.




I've been professionally shooting weddings since 2011, and to date have shot over 120 weddings.

How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed?

My style is what can be described as "dark and moody." Overall, I prefer contrast with true-to-life colors with without loosing highlights and losing minimal shadows. 

How would you describe your photography style? What would you compare your work to?

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