Yes, so long as they are not prohibiting the myself or a second shooter from doing our job as your photographers.

How many hours do I need a photographer for at my wedding?

The first question to ask yourself when considering how many hours you will need a photographer the day of your wedding is what is most important for you to have captured that day. Do you want everything, from hair and make up to your guests getting their groove on on the dance floor after your first dances? Or you do you just want getting into your dress, the ceremony, and photos up to the first dance? Once you have an idea of what you want captured that day, you can begin to determine how many hours your photographer will be there. Some couples choose to have coverage for only six hours (I was one of them myself!) and some choose ten or twelve hours of coverage. Either way, I always tell my couples we will make it work! 

Pro Tip: Many of my clients will reserve their date and then once we create their wedding day timeline, they will then determine how many hours I should be there there day depending on when everything gets started and ends.  

Will we see all the photos you took?

Can guests take photos at our wedding?

Most packages include one photographer, but second shooters are available depending on date and availability.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

While you're having fun off on your honeymoon and enjoying newly married life, I'll be working away backing up your photos in the hundreds or even sometimes thousands and editing them to perfection.

Once your photos are edited and complete, I'll mail you your photos on USB drive for you to enjoy!

Absolutely. I am not a fan of formal posing so I usually help my clients to just act natural and I will help along the way to create the most flattering images possible.


I am very detail-oriented and experienced in portrait retouching, and I use only the best software to complete this task. Many people struggle with acne. Some people have scars or birthmarks they feel are distracting. Most of us at times have puffy under-eyes or even dark circles.

Every photo you receive has been carefully edited. Color correction, sharpening, and minor editing on skin surfaces is done to enhance each photo. 

As standard, I remove temporary blemishes such as cuts, bruises, or acne as part of my processing workflow. I will not make your skin look like plastic, but I’ll provide general overall skin smoothing to help minimize the look of pores, wrinkles, and dark circles without actually removing these features. Generally, I smooth skin a little less on male clients than I do on female clients. We shoot with a Photojournalistic approach and will therefore not alter your shape.

Can you photoshop that out?

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