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your go-to resource

your go-to resource

I am a firm believer in transparency and empowering couples with knowledge. Whether you're ready and enthusiastic to book, or you are still researching and gathering your options. Either way I'm thrilled you’re considering me to be part of such an incredible day. The truth is, your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. The two of you are about to start the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, life-changing experience of your lives together so far, and choosing someone to capture that day through photography is a big decision.

It's no secret it's important you find someone whose work you LOVE - But I believe its just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your photos. Take your time, look around, and please reach out with questions. 

Ready to learn more? Start exploring now or contact us directly to begin your photography experience.

- Listen to you, hold space for you, and stick up for you and your wants and needs during your entire planning process and on your wedding day.

- Help bodyguard you on your wedding day from Aunt Susan who doesn’t understand what healthy boundaries are.

- Help you feel empowered in the choices you’ve made.

- Bring good vibes on your wedding day to amp you up when you need it and help you feel zen when it rains the morning of your wedding and plans may need to change.

- Take your photos all day and do my best so you don’t notice I’m working and it feels more like you have an extra friend hanging out with you that day.

- Be your stage manager and help coordinate the time and activities so you’re not watching the clock. 

- Be there with my sewing kit to fix the busted hook and eye on your dress, pin on your vail and those boutonnieres, and bustle that dress if needed.

- Force feed you snacks and water all day so when 4PM rolls around and you're tired af, you still feel like a snack instead of dehydrated and hangry thinking only about snacks.

my promise as your wedding photographer

I will--

Standard with every Wedding

Full day coverage starting at 



*Travel costs included in the state of Wisconsin and Western Minnesota.

In-person or virtual custom timeline planning and family photo list creation based on your unique needs.

Digital esignable contracts and online payments so you can prioritize your time and skip needing to to meet up or mailing contracts or checks.

$700 retainer due at signing. No additional payments due until a month before your wedding so no payment plans needed.

planning assistance

online payments and digital contracts

13 years of professional wedding photography experience.

Receive my Pricing Guide with detailed information on all of 2025's offerings and how to book, my Next Steps Guide detailing everything you need to know and can expect after booking and my nine page Planning Guide to help you refine your schedule and photography needs for your wedding day.


High resolution digital photos plus small downloads for social media sharing available in your Online Gallery.

high resolutinon photos

With delivery of your final wedding gallery, in addition to your online gallery, receive a print release so you can choose to print wherever you would like plus a USB drive of all your final edited photos.

print release and usb drive

After your wedding receive an aesthetic, easy to navigate online photo gallery with online store so you and your family can order prints and other products.

digital gallery with online shopping

Full photo retouching including color and light corrections, photo straightening and skin retouching. Every photo is examined and edited by hand to bring out your best in every photo while still preserving the realism of your day.

photo editing / retouching

Choose from 6, 8, 10, or 12 hour coverage packages so you get exactly what you want covered. 

four different coverage options

Engagement photo session so we can get to know each other and you can learn what it's like to work with me before we shoot on your wedding day. 

engagement photo  session

$2400 due one month prior to wedding after $700 retainer paid at booking.

No travel costs*

13 years experience

No addtional payments due until 1 month before your wedding

In our Planning Meeting, we'll create a detailed, down to the minute, wedding day timeline with lots of buffer time to ensure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. This schedule will help us stay organized, Zen, and on time on your wedding day. Your schedule will be created on a Google Doc so you can revisit anytime and share with your family and wedding party as needed. Main points that all schedules include:

Once we are about 9-6 months away from your wedding (or earlier if you prefer), I'll contact you to schedule our planning meeting together. In this meeting, we'll create a detailed timeline of your entire day. This schedule helps me as your photographer to understand the full dynamic of your day, know where I need to be at all times, know what your goals are and what the important shots, moments and people are to you.

Once we have your schedule fully hashed out, it's then easier to figure what package you want to choose based on your timeline for the day and your needs. After you choose your package, I will send your full contract and invoice via email. Payment is due one month before your wedding

During this meeting, we'll also create your Family Formal Photo list. I'll get the entire list of names of your wedding party and of your family members, including any other VIPs I should be aware of. We'll together make a list of your family photos you want to have that day. This way, when your wedding day comes, you won't need to make any decisions on what photos you do or don't want, and your family won't be looking to you for direction, so all you have to do is show up.

what wedding day coverage hours include

what photos you get

- Detail Shots of your rings, jewelry, perfume, hairpiece/veil, vow books and more.

- Getting Ready photos of both sides of the wedding party of hair, make up, getting dressed, and spending time together before the wedding.

- First Look(s) of the two of you and optionally other special family members like dad or grandpa.

- Couples photos in the afternoon and again at sunset.

- Wedding Party photos of both sides together and each side separately.

- Ceremony site and details, wedding ceremony including
     - Ceremony processional
     - Each partner's reaction coming down the aisle
     - Exchanging of rings
     - Reading of vows
     - First kiss
     - Ceremony recessional

- Family Formal Photos: parents, siblings and their partners and children, grandparents, large group family photos

- Cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, speeches, first dances and special dances with parents, and open dance floor.


family photo list

before the ceremony

Ceremony, Receiving Line and Family Photos

Cocktail and Reception

When it comes to photographing your wedding day, I aim to capture a comprehensive narrative, highlighting every significant moment of your story plus the moments in between. The goal is to provide you with a comprehensive collection of photographs that do not just chronicle the events of your wedding day but tell YOUR story of a couple. 

We start with the beginning of your  day, documenting the anticipation and preparation as you and your partner gear up for the ceremony. These photos include detail photos; getting ready photos of both wedding parties; first look with your partner (if you choose to have one); bridesmaid reveal, couples photos and wedding party photos. 

As the day progresses into the reception, we transition to capturing the joyous atmosphere and celebratory spirit of the occasion. From the toasts and speeches to the lively dance floor moments, we document the essence of your.

Moving into the ceremony itself, our focus shifts to capturing the raw emotions and intimate exchanges between you and your partner. From the solemn vows to the heartfelt reactions of your loved ones, we ensure no detail is overlooked in conveying the depth of your commitment.

wedding planning guide

Receive my nine page Wedding Guide book when booking. This book includes all things timeline and photo planning to get you started before we begin our planning process.

Topics Include:

- Next Steps
      Engagement Session
      Culling and Editing
- Your Wedding Timeline
- What Photos you can Expect
- Things to Consider
- Glossary/Wedding Package Breakdown


As you're preparing for your wedding day, it's really important to take the time to read reviews of potential photographers. Reviews are like windows into what working with a photographer might be like. They help you to get a sense of their experience, how reliable they are, and what their photos really look like. --You know, the kind of stuff you can't always tell just from their website or portfolio. Plus, reading what other couples have to say about client experience and what it looks like from start to finish. And, let's be real, weddings are expensive, so it can be reassuring to see how others view their investment.

Read Reviews on Google

Your personal and contact information are kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties.


We’ve got the most secure cloud storage out there with Smugmug. All your precious photos and  personal information are protected securely and privately. View and download your photos at full resolution wherever.


Triple back-ups of your precious photos while we're editing. Double back ups locally and on cloud services after your photos are complete.


Your photos and information, protected

Your wedding day arrives and we have an amazing day filled with laughs, crying, and probably couple of hiccups because let's be honest, all weddings have them. Enjoy your day knowing we'll take care of everything and you don't have be responsible for a single thing that day other than doing your best to have fun and remain zen.

We bid our adieus that night and go off on our ways.

While you're having fun off on your honeymoon, or back at work and enjoying newly married life, I'll be working away backing up your photos in the hundreds or even sometimes thousands and editing them to perfection.

Once your photos are edited and complete, I'll mail your photos on a USB drive and email your gallery link for you to enjoy!



Sometime before your wedding (six months to six weeks, depending on your schedule) we'll get back together again for coffee or a phone call.

We'll create a wedding day timeline from the start to the every end of every event and detail out the entire day so we all have a schedule of where I need to be and when.

We'll also create a VIP and family formal photo list for your wedding day.


We'll meet in person over coffee, on the phone, or via email to discuss your wants, needs, and even must not haves for your wedding. We'll review package pricing  options together to help you get an idea what fits you best. Most importantly, you get the chance to get to know me, who I am as a photographer, and who I am as a person or friend to see if we're a good fit.

We'll set our date, fill out contract forms and pay the deposit and keep in touch throughout the months before your wedding.

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