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Release the weight of expectations and traditions that no longer serve you. Embrace the unknown and write your own story. Follow your hearts wherever they may lead and know that the greatest adventures often begin with a single step into the unknown.

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You're at that point in your journey where the road splits, and you're not quite sure which path to take. Is eloping the right choice for us? It's a question that lingers in the air, heavy with possibilities and uncertainties.

Weddings are often synonymous with grandeur and tradition, but what if there's another way? Eloping offers an alternative, a chance to exchange vows in a more intimate setting, away from the hustle and bustle of traditional ceremonies. But is it the right fit for you? Maybe having a big traditional wedding isn't it. Maybe a small private ceremony with a fun and relaxing filled day of activities and exploring resonates more with you. Maybe the pressure of planning a huge party, the expense of it, and the choices to be made whether to follow traditions or not are all thoughts that have emerged in your planning process. --Picture exchanging vows in a breathtaking landscape, with just the two of you or a handful of loved ones by your side where you day is focused on you rather than your guests. What if you can exchange your vows somewhere so unique, you never meet anyone else who has shared that special location and it feels like it is only yours.

Eloping isn't just about escaping the stress of traditional big wedding planning (although that's definitely a perk!). It's about embracing the freedom to craft a day that's authentically you. Whether you're envisioning a mountaintop ceremony, a beachside exchange of vows, or a romantic city elopement, or a western prairie, the possibilities are endless domestically and abroad. This is the world of elopements, where your wedding day becomes an intimate adventure tailored perfectly to you.

Welcome to Your Intimate Elopement Adventure

Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Enjoy a sweet treat back in town at Charlies Sweet Shop.

Enjoy an amazing steak dinner cooked over an open fire just like our ancestors did on the outdoor terrace at P-Town pizza.

Arrive at the Tall Grass Prairie in Pawhuska just before sunset to read your vows on America's western planes in complete privacy-- other than maybe some Bison followed up by sunset photos on the prairie. 



Return to your hotel to change for your vows. Get ready together and help each other into your wedding attire or separately and have a first look together before leaving the hotel.


Drive to the Drummond Ranch, just outside of town for a relaxing visit of their 1960's ranch to write your vows from their covered deck while listening to their 2,500 head of cattle as they graze.



Enjoy lunch in downtown Pawhuska


Visit Osage Outfitters to design custom Western hats fitted specifically for you by a local expert milliner or visit and choose unique pieces of turquoise jewelry to wear on your wedding day. Get something special and unique together that will last a lifetime.


Get coffee together from a local barista at The Mercantile or the cafe at The Frontier Hotel.


Slowly wake up in your hotel room at one of many boutique hotels in Downtown Pawhuska and begin getting ready for your day.



Elopement Planning Made Easy

Take in more of the town while we take some of your first photos in your wedding attire together.

Finish off your day with drink at Dry Hallow Bar


Planning your elopement should be as stress-free as the day itself. Think of it as a vacation day with activities focused solely on you two, not just as the day you say your vows.  I'm here to help you every step of the way. From choosing the perfect locations to finding vendors who understand your vision, I'll help make planning your elopement together a breeze.

sample elopment schedule

In the end, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to your wedding. It's a deeply personal choice, one that should reflect your unique relationship and journey together. Whether you choose to elope or opt for a more traditional celebration, what matters most is that it's a decision made with love and intention.

Let's elope together

Still unsure? That's okay. Take your time to explore your options, gather information, and envision what your perfect day looks like. Whether you ultimately choose to elope or not, know that your love is what truly matters, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.

Your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your wedding day should reflect that. Consider saying goodbye to wedding stress and hello to an adventure that's as unique as you two. 

In the end, it's not about the grandeur of the ceremony or the size of the guest list. It's about the love that fills your hearts, the laughter that dances in your eyes, and the promise of forever that binds you together. So let your love lead the way, and may your hearts find peace in knowing that the greatest adventure of all is the journey you share together.

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As you're preparing for your wedding day, it's really important to take the time to read reviews of potential photographers. Reviews are like windows into what working with a photographer might be like. They help you to get a sense of their experience, how reliable they are, and what their photos really look like. --You know, the kind of stuff you can't always tell just from their website or portfolio. Plus, reading what other couples have to say about client experience and what it looks like from start to finish. And, let's be real, weddings are expensive, so it can be reassuring to see how others view their investment.

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