Megan and Brian's Micro Social distance wedding

May 12, 2020

In nine years I don't think I've ever blogged a wedding, but when Covid is a problem and we're still in quarantine, not only do I have a bit more time to actually blog, but this story is something special and fun that I really wanted to share. My story at the bottom. Enjoy!

- Jenna

Vendor List:
Dress: Charlotte's Bridal and Formal Wear
Flowers: Evoke Chancy Floral
Cakes: Meringue Bakery

Megan's hair piece was from Norway and all the broach on her dress was a family heirloom.

Grandma's broach

Megan already had these shoes. She's just cool like that.

These two thought of everything. The entire ceremony and reception were held on a Zoom meeting for family who could not attend and Megan's sister in Norway. Definitely not always the norms at weddings but we make it work during quarantine.

At dinner, tables were each 8 or more feet apart and guests were seated by household.

Megan's mom even made he a mask out of leftover material from her bridal gown.

Flowers from
Evoke Chancy Floral

 These amazing cakes were from non other than Meringue Bakery. Could they be any prettier? Guests were served moose cakes which were the most perfect little dessert spheres.

As a surprise, three friends who live in the neighborhood showed up by surprise along with another friend and her son in the one-car parade. Needless to say, it was an awesome surprise.

A decommissioned cop car drove by, which we thought was real at first and the conversation quickly turned into "Are we all six feet apart?!" The passengers honked and yelled and waved at us.

We had to take a six feet apart social distancing photo and as we did another car drove by and yelled and honked at us in love and support.

This wedding wasn't what originally was planned for Megan and Brian, like many other couples during this 2020 season. It's been a long frustrating and often sad road getting to where we are today, and we're still not through the woods yet. I think as  "Covid Bride," you need to mourn your original plans a bit even on the day of your wedding before you can move on and enjoy the day. No one pictured this would happen, ever. I honestly cannot express how joyful it makes me feel though seeing not only my couples and their family, but even complete strangers pull through to support couples (and everyone else) during this time.

Megan and Brian's family made ever effort to still attend whether in-person or via video call. Friends showed up to surprise them and see them on their wedding day and total strangers driving by honked and yelled and told Megan she looked great. Covid can and will in some ways divide us, but we're still making it work, and we're still here, we're still coming. Saturday for me felt absolutely amazing hanging out with these people and feeling the connection they all had. Being part of something so small and so meaningful does in a weird way even though I'm contracted, make me feel really special. All of the conversations and laughter we had was therapeutic, and the support I saw people sharing for these two was undeniable. 

Cheers Megan and Brian! Thank you for having me. I cannot wait until round two next spring for your reception!

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